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Australians helping skilled migrants become successful Australians

We have assisted thousands of skilled migrant (and aspiring skilled migrant) Jobseekers with support, advice, coaching and actions to become more successful with their careers in Australia, sometimes identifying employer sponsors for people when needed. We have also assisted many International Graduates who have studied in Australia in achieving their career goals.

Our Careers Down Under (CDU) program assists both onshore and offshore skilled migrants (and aspiring skilled migrants) and International Graduates in finding meaningful employment (and employer sponsorship where required).This program is delivered all over the World, subject to demand.

Following an initial seminar or one on one advice session, we offer a package to promote your skills, experience and qualifications to specific target Employers.

Please complete the questionnaire at the link below to receive an invitation to attend a CDU Seminar/Webinar or one on one session with one of our expert Australian employment advisors face to face or on skype.

The CDU Seminar includes the following topics: 

  • Understanding where to get visa information?
  • Identifying target employers relevant to skills and   experience.
  • Hidden jobs; where are they and how to access them?
  • Making approaches and winning interviews.
  • English as a Second Language and your heritage as a strength, not a shortcoming.
  • Communicating Visa subclasses to employers.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Development of verified selling points.
  • Handling rejection and staying motivated.
  • I have got an interview! What now?
  • Australians! Who are they and how to deal with them?

NB: It is advisable for any person who does not yet have a visa to check their eligibility at http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard, or by contacting a registered MARA agent (search at http://www.mara.gov.au)